Robert Peacock

Leith · Edinburgh · Scotland · (07814) 813 026 ·

I am a software developer with a wealth of experience in promotional and business development roles across the arts, gambling and charity sectors. I am a proven self-starter, with a track record of taking personal and professional projects from the seed of an idea to successful fruition.


Full Stack Developer


I am currently working as a full stack developer for SwarmOnline, a web development agency, based in Edinburgh, though working remotely. I am part of a small team working on a long-term React / PHP Symfony contract for an international health sector client. I'm the main front end dev, though work on back-end tickets too. As well as developing new features, I've streamlined a lot of the legacy code, making better use of Redux, React hooks and functional components, ensuring proper separation of concerns and rationalising API calls and re-rendering.

Jun - Oct 2020


Professional Software Development


An intensive four month industry-focused course with over 800 hours immersive experience in a broad range of technologies, using mob, pair and group programming, group and individual projects and codealongs. Includes PDA Software Development SCQF Level 8.

Jun - Oct 2020


Tournament Manager App

Pair Project | 6 days

A sports tournament manager app allowing users to arrange league fixtures, record results and view league tables. React.js front end, Java/Spring back end.

Built as a final project on Week 15 of the CodeClan Professional Software Development course.

Weather Forecast App

Individual Project | 3 days

A vue.js web app allowing users to search 7-day international weather forecasts, retrieving data from the Norwegian Meteorogical Institute API.

Built as a weekend project on Week 7 of the CodeClan Professional Software Development course.

Vet Surgery App

Individual Project | 6 days

A Ruby / Sinatra web app for managing appointments and registrations using PostgreSQL CRUD operations.

Built as the first individual project in Week 5 of the CodeClan Professional Software Development course.

The Wee Review Website

Individual Project | Ongoing

A redesign of the popular Scottish arts website which I manage. It's a custom Wordpress theme built using Bootstrap HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript, with additional back-end adaptations such as custom fields and post types. Future plans include using Wordpress as a headless CMS with a new JS front-end.

Built as a personal project before I had any formal training.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Test Driven Development


Besides being a software engineer, I am Managing Editor of The Wee Review, Scotland's online arts and culture magazine, and one of the largest reviewing organisations at the Edinburgh Festivals each year. You can read my reviews here:

I am also Chair of Space, an Edinburgh community charity that works with young carers, adult carers, people with dementia, isolated older people and others who need extra support. Space also manages the Broomhouse Hub, a new community hub and cafe in the South-West of Edinburgh.

My other hobbies include horseracing. I worked for several years for a leading collateral form analysis company and was once the government policy advisor on betting and horseracing. I'm also a big music fan and used to put on a charitable live music night called Edinburgh Soup with a friend.